About Bear Valley, and the Bear Valley Springs Dressage Club

Bear Valley Springs is a guarded-gate community located about twelve miles west of Tehachapi and is the center of activities for the Tehachapi Mountain Chapter (TMC) of CDS. Many Chapter members reside within Bear Valley.  All our shows take place at the Bear Valley Springs Equestrian Center. The Bear Valley Springs Dressage Club sponsors these shows; TMC manages the shows. 

The Bear Valley Springs Dressage Club manages the Western Dressage Classes.

Joining the Bear Valley Springs Dressage Club demonstrates support for dressage in the Tehachapi area and assures that members are kept informed of local dressage activity without the full cost of CDS membership, although we encourage membership in both. 

Residents can join the Bear Valley Springs Dressage Club by filling in the requested information in the form below, and mailing it with payment to the BVS Dressage Club Treasurer at the address shown. Non-residents may contribute, and will also receive information, premiums, etc as if they were members. Access to Bear Valley Springs is by invitation, or through sponsorship of a resident. Passes for show entrants are called in for their arrival days


Bear Valley Springs Dressage Club-Membership Form for 2018

Family Membership is $10.00 per year (Please list all interested family members)

Check one: __BVS Resident  (enter your Tract and Lot Number_______-______)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          __Contributor (NON-BVS resident, Non-Voting)




Telephone_______________________________E-Mail Address______________________________

I would like to receive newsletters by e-mail to reduce printing and postage costs  ___Yes   ___No

I might be able to volunteer at Club activities; feel free to call me  ___Yes   ___No

Make check payable to Bear Valley Springs Dressage Club

Mail this form and check to : Cathi Estes, 785 Tucker Rd, Suite G-233, Tehachapi, CA 93561


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